We promote multi-channel learning via immersive classroom instruction, distance learning and independent study.

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Classroom Learning

Collaborative classroom learning with customized curriculum is the foundation of our unique educational philosophy.

Online Learning

We offer interactive learning via our proprietary online learning software so students can practice whenever and wherever they please.

Digital Empowerment

Taipei Teen Tribune offers a unique journalistic approach to learning via intensive reading, writing and publishing of English articles.

"A Completely New Model For English Learning in Taiwan."

By focusing on providing continual support throughout the learning process via classroom learning, one-on-one lessons, online learning and publishing Englist is taking learning in Taiwan to new all new heights.

What Makes Englist Taiwan Different From Other Schools?

Englist is more than a cram school. In addition to Chinese homework assistance we also provide small, immersive English classes, college preparatory education, and critical analysis instruction. Our engaging and focused curriculum empowers students to reach their academic and professional goals.

Elementary English Immersion 100%
Taipei Teen Tribune 60%
Chinese Homework Help 40%
Critical Thinking & College Prep 20%
Distance Learning 20%

A Journalistic Approach to Learning

Founded in in 2015 Taipei Teen Tribune is an English news publication featuring articles written exclusively by Taiwanese students.

By enrolling in Taipei Teen Tribune students gain valuable reading, writing and research skills that will serve them well in college and later in their professional lives.

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Taipei Teen Tribune

While most kids choose to play on Saturdays, I choose to go to learn at Taipei Teen Tribune. TTT brings out our passion for learning. Compared to other programs, TTT chooses to teach us in a more fun and interesting way. TTT has given me the ability to write out articles of any form on my own, and students get the chance to come up with their own topics. Apart from writing, TTT provides us awesome books and novels for us to read and discuss together each semester, making learning a fun thing to do.

Irvin FangStudent at Taipei Teen Tribune

Teachers use English as a tool to bring students to see the world in a wider view and learn to think.

Mrs. Hsieh AyangParent of Irene Lin, student at Taipei Teen Tribune

Taipei Teen Tribune not only taught my son how to write clearly and persuasively, but also helped turn him into a teen that cares about what's going on in the world. There is a focus on humanity and decency which is rare in other educational programs.

Mrs. Mina HiraiParent of Ethan Lin, student at Taipei Teen Tribune